• I do not want to share my personal data with Yoop

    By signing up you consent to share some basic personal information through either Facebook or Google. We use that information to make sure that ratings on Yoop come from real people and to give you more targeted content recommendations (such as stories relevant to your location). That's all. Yoop does not gather any other of your personal data and it does not sell your information to advertisers or external companies. Please read our privacy policy to discover exactly what data we collect and how we use it. If you are still concerned, drop us a line with your questions, comments or concerns :-)

  • How do I rate content from other apps?

    When you are in other apps, simply look for the share option and then select Yoop – you will see the Yoop ratings coming up, and then a summary of all the ratings given by other Yoopers to that story. If your rating is the first one, well done! Your story is now on Yoop for everyone else to see and express an opinion on.

    Watch the video on: for 

  • How do I save (‘pin’) a story?

    Look for the pin icon and click it once. That’s it. When you are in Yoop, you can find a pin on every post and in the Yoop browser. You can also find the pin in the top bar when you share a story on Yoop. If you are using Yoop web, the pin will be on every post and at the top of the Yoop extension.

  • How do I report stories (e.g. fake news)?

    Look for the flag! It is easy to spot on the Yoop extension, but on the Yoop browser and Yoop share screen you will have to click on the menu button on the top bar (the three dots), and you will see the flag button there.

  • How do I share my ratings on social media?

    On the mobile app, the share icon is always next to the flag button. On the Chrome extension a Facebook icon appears a the bottom after you rate. We want you to share your opinion, and only content you have seen first – remember

  • Why can I not share my rating on Twitter, Reddit, Messenger, WhatsApp and other platforms?

    You will, my friend, but not yet. For the same reason that Yoop is private – we just can’t do everything at once. We know it’s annoying and we apologise, please bear with us – we are working on it! J

  • Why can I not share my rating on Twitter, Reddit, Messenger, WhatsApp and other platforms?

    You will, my friend, but not yet. For the same reason that Yoop is private – we just can’t do everything at once. We know it’s annoying and we apologise, please bear with us – we are working on it! J

  • I am using Yoop web on Safari/Mozilla/Internet Explorer/Edge/Opera but I cannot find the extension

    That is because we have not built it yet, sorry L Yoop is a startup and we did not have time to build an extension for all the browser yet. We started from Google Chrome because it is the most commonly used browser, but we are working to build the extension for Firefox, Safari and Edge too. If you use none of those browser, we cannot tell you if or when Yoop will be available for you. But then again, why don’t you simply try Yoop on Chrome right now? :-P

  • What do the ratings mean?

    Think of the ratings as a recommendation you give to a friend – except that on Yoop everyone is your friend. With the top four ratings you are recommending a story because it is an important issue, it made you think, it gave you useful information, or you found it funny/entertaining. With the bottom two ratings, you reject a story because it is biased or it’s just a waste of time. You can also flag inappropriate content on Yoop, but please do rate  that content as well!

  • What happens when I report something?

    We verify the story you reported. If it has graphic, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content that violates our terms the content will be immediately removed. If you flagged a story as fake, we will run a search against our ever-growing database of fake news websites and – if the web address matches – we will label the story as fake for everyone to see.

  • Who are you to say that a story is fake?

    No one special. We just do the work that you can do yourself, but might not have time to. There are websites out there that publish fake news (as in: things that are obviously non-existent). We research them (luckily someone has done that for us) and we check that the reported story does not come from there. We also check websites such as full fact and Snopes, to see if they have spotted this very story. We do not label as fake stories that are strongly biased – as long as they have at least some basis in reality.

  • Who posts the stories on Yoop?

    You, and other Yoopers. Stories are posted automatically every time ones shares (rates) them from another app/website. They are then delivered to you based on your preferences.

  • What are the interests? And what different is there with favourite topics?

    Interest and favourite topics work hand in hand but they are not the same. They are both part of Yoop’s unique idea: to give you control over the stories you see. By selecting/deselecting interests, you narrow down the sort of stories that will appear on your newsfeed. So if you deselect politics, for example, stories that are automatically classified as political will appear only in rare circumstances. Favourite topics are more specific: they reflect the stories you have rated the most, and influence the topics you will see on your feed. So, for instance, if you have rated a lot of stories about cakes you will likely see more cake stories on your feed. But don’t worry! We are working on a way to let you delete the topics you no longer want to see and add new topics in.

  • Is Yoop political?

    Sure, and who isn’t? We are political, and our main policy is: people should have more control over information. Our ideology is that there is wisdom in the crowd. Our programme is to fight misinformation – whether it comes from mainstream or alternative media – and to deliver great stories to our users, on their favourite topics, selected by people like them. Would you vote for us?

  • Ok funny, but is Yoop left-wing or right-wing?

    Yoop is strictly non-partisan. In fact, the team at Yoop have very different political views (and open exchanges of opinion) – which is the best guarantee against implicit bias. But simply speaking, we do not control what goes onto Yoop. Our red lines of acceptability are in the terms, any content and opinion within those boundaries is part of who we are.

For problems using the app, feedback and suggestions, please contact our support team: