Yoop Summer Contest 2018

Help us grow the Yoop community and win £££!

Prizes disbursed

£ -

For the taking


How to join

Download Yoop*

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*You will need an invite code!

Invite friends

  • Go to the 'Social' tab
Click 'Invite' 

Invite friends using any app :-)


Send your video (optional)


1. Film a video of how you and your friend procrastinate on Yoop, like [this one] ;-)


2. Send the video to support@yoop.io - make sure that all the people recorded have given permission to share the video publicly


3. The video will be uploaded on our Youtube channel for everyone to rate it on Yoop. 


League Table

Yoop's big fat £100 prize 

will be give to whomever invites th

Speed Invites

The first five people who invite 15 friends win one £15 Amazon Voucher each


Fastest: -
2nd fastest: -
3rd fastest: -
4th fastest: -
5th fastest: -


Weekly Contest

Win one £10 Amazon voucher a week by inviting users on Yoop


01 June: -
08 June: -
15 June: -
22 June: -
29 June: -
06 July: -
13 July: -
20 July: -
27 July: -
03 August: -


Grand Prizes

Most users invited (£100): -
2nd most invites (£50): -
3rd most invites (£30): -




Video competition (£50): -


Rules of the game

Speed Invites: The first five people who invite 15 people get a £15 Amazon voucher. Users must sign in using the contestant's invite code.

Weekly Contest: the person with most overall invites will earn a £10 Amazon voucher each week (users can only win once). If two or more people have the same number of people, the person who invited them first will earn the prize. You must have invited at least 5 people to qualify for a prize.

Video Competition: the person who sends the best video of how they procrastinate using Yoop wins a £50 Amazon voucher. Videos are uploaded on Yoop's Youtube channeland rated by users. Videos should be sent to support@yoop.io. By sending the video, you agree for it to be shared publicly on Youtube and through other social media platforms. Prize winners will be declared on 3 August.

Final Prizes: the three people with the highest overall number of invited users will be rewarded at the end of the competition. 1st prize: £100 voucher; 2nd prize: £50 voucher; 3rd prize: £30 voucher. Prize winners will be declared on 3 August.

The Weekly Contest runs from Friday to Friday (7pm BST), with prizes sent be the end of the week. Prizes for Speed Invites are awarded on an ongoing basis. The Final Prizes will be awarded on Friday the 3rd August at 7pm BST.  



Winners will be notified on Yoop 

We will send you a push notification with instructions on how reclaim your prize, so check your Yoop app!


If you have any complaint, it's not our fault :-P joking

For questions email us at:


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